My “google score”

With a name as generic as “Gary Miller” I decided that for my online branding efforts I should include my middle name, Alan. I had already used garyalanmiller as my linkedin profile name when I created it several years back. So, it made some sense to have my other online efforts share that name.

After making that decision I came to the unfortunate realization that the number one hit on Google for “Gary Alan Miller” was an inmate currently confined to a Minnesota prison!

Thankfully, I now “own” three of the top five hits on “Gary Alan Miller” (without the quotes) and five of the top 10. Earlier in the week my twitter account was appearing as hit number one. However, for some reason a static family photos page for a “Gary Allen Miller” is number one this morning. But, still, that’s good progress, considering I wasn’t showing up anywhere in the search prior to adding “Alan” and undertaking these activities.

I still don’t show in the top 10 for “Gary Miller,” but that’s probably a much larger hill to climb, considering Congressman Gary Miller (R-CA) owns most of that search.

But, I digress. Hopefully this can serve as an example for those of you cursed (or blessed, depending on your perspective) with a generic-sounding name — online personal branding can be done, even if it requires the use of your middle name.

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