Clever… or not?

There is a site making the rounds right now on career-oriented blogs and twitter accounts.  I took a look at it a few days ago after coming across it in a tweet.  You, have probably seen it by now, as well.

I will not question the page’s effectiveness in building traffic.  It’s obviously been passed around at a rate that has to make him happy.  And, I recognize that the page design is purposefully built to “look like a lousy e-book download” (according to the “disclaimer” at the bottom of the page).  But, for all of that, I find myself recoiling from the effort.

There have been similar pages in the past, and often they do have results.  But, this page differs from, say, Jamie Varon’s efforts in both tone and delivery.  The author of this latest site making the rounds doesn’t come across as a go-getter or as creative.  Instead, it reads as either frustration or half-hearted snark.

Maybe I’m wrong, and with all the retweets and posts in the blogosphere (guilty!) he is sure to get someone’s attention.  But, I recoil because something is telling me it won’t work this time.  It’s too self-aware and doesn’t seem authentic to this reader.  I just hope he updates the page when something does happen so we get to learn the rest of the story.

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