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I’ve found that I haven’t had much time to create content lately. But, because I *consume* content at such a fast pace and large volume, I remembered that curation can be just as valuable as creation. So, I’ve started a Flipboard magazine companion to this blog. I have a account that does this, robot-style. But, the Flipboard magazine is hand-selected content.

If you are a Flipboard user, simply search “Service Design, Marketing and Innovation for Higher Education” and you’ll find the magazine that I’ve begun curating there. And if you’re not a Flipboard user, I encourage you to check it out. It’s a very useful and visually-appealing way to consume content from a variety of sources (ever wonder what your twitter or facebook feeds would look like as a magazine?).

I’ll still be creating content here on occasion. But, the Flipboard magazine is more of an ongoing place to read things that line up with this blog philosophically.

See you there!

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