5 things university career services needs to do now

Here is a quickly brainstormed list of what career services pros should be considering doing to maintain relevance into the future. I’ll add more posts like this soon. But, I’d love your thoughts on these and what *else* we need to be doing.

Skill/capacity building sessions. We know what employers need, and we know that students don’t always get them in their studies, and they may or may not be able to get them in internships and other places. We can supplement.

Merging with leadership development and service learning offices. If you’re not *at least* partnering with them now, and possibly considering merging, you should be.

– Taking a more active role in any experiential education requirements your campus may have (on the academic side).

Coordinating a campus-wide experience-building or job shadowing program. Your institution has many, many functions – marketing, HR, finance, fundraising, event planning, governance/legal, program management, research, teaching, and the list goes on. Get students connected to them.

Entrepreneurship support. programming, connecting, training, providing work space. It can come in lots of forms.

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