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I am a professional with roughly two decades of experience in the higher education space. I enjoy creating and delivering dynamic presentations, utilizing technology, developing strategy and creating. I hold a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a master’s in education, with a focus on marketing. Across the years of my experience I have worked in a variety of functions in higher education, including registrar, advising and career counseling. The strengths that have persisted across those functions are quick thinking, communicating and idea generating. Although I remain focused student success, I am pivoting toward an increased focus on marketing, service design and innovation in my daily duties and academic pursuits.

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  1. Hi Gary! Just came across your blog. WordPress is great and I have experimented with both this provider and Google’s blogger. Have fun with it!
    I keep a running blog for our business students at the University of Central Florida if you are interested in checking it out – http://ucfbusinesscareers.blogspot.com/
    Feel free to email me at kread@mail.ucf.edu and join up via LinkedIn. I am an open networker!


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